Digital Ready and Hive NYC ‘Maker Party’ featured in

On Wednesday, May 28th at MAGNET, The Digital Ready Team and Hive NYC are hosted a Maker Party that celebrated the accomplishments of partner organizations and students in the first year of Digital Ready. The event was a huge success, as 252 attendees shared projects, networked, and learned from one another!

 The Digital Ready community came together and experienced the broad range of creative, collaborative projects that students and partner organizations have been working on throughout the school year.


Organizations who attended and showcased their work were:  Beam Center, ScriptED, Museum of the Moving Image, Brooklyn College Community Partnership, Ghetto Film School, BRIC, American Museum of Natural History, Global Kids, Eyebeam, Scenarios USA, Magic Box Productions, and others.

The event is part of Mozilla’s global Maker Party campaign, which celebrates hands-on learning and making.  

IMG_0762 Brooklyn, a news organization and community builder that has covered technology issues, covered the event and highlighted the work of a few of our partners! Digital Ready Maker Party preps kids about electronics skills