Geek is Chic – New York Life Job-Shadowing Workshop Inspires Students from Digital Ready Schools

This spring, 30 high school girls from three Digital Ready schools, Academy of Innovative Technology, Brooklyn International High School, and the Bronx Academy of Software Engineering, participated in a hands-on workshop with women in an assortment of careers.

Students get hands-on experience with the studio command center

Students get hands-on experience with the studio command center

The event, ‘Geek is Chic’, was a part of the “Technology Women in Action” series, and was led by The Community Corps (NPower’s skills-based volunteer program) and New York Life. NPower is a nonprofit organization that mobilizes the tech community and provides individuals, nonprofits and schools access and opportunity to build tech skills and achieve their potential.

The job-shadowing event featured students from the three schools meeting women professionals in various departments within New York Life’s headquarters in Manhattan, including PR, Communications, and IT. The girls also gained hands-on experience at New York Life’s TV/Film studio, where they learned about: 

  • Web site development and social media
  • Graphic design and advance sales presentations
  • Filming advertising
  • Editing film
  • Server and distribution management of video
  • Managing studio during filming

For more pictures and a quote from a student from this event visit the original here.