Getting Down to Business: October Teaching Lever Recap

October 16, 2014, New Design High School

In the first meeting, we worked to create a common understanding of student-centered learning, and determine shared goals for the group. Here is what we came up with:


Something that really sticks out to me is that everyone is hungry for strategies and understand what other teachers are doing inside their classrooms. Everyone wants to figure out how to best engage all students and give them ownership in their work– Awesome. tcop3

So this month, we checked out lessons we were proud of, shared them with each other, and brainstormed strategies about how we best meet our students’ needs. From blended, project-based and self-paced learning, we did a great online lesson share and in-person discussion around each member’s strategies.


We also took a look at what a growth model for student-centered teaching might look like. It was important to look at our own growth as an educator as a continuum that will start and end in different places for each of us and check out possible action steps that will take us from one stage to the next.  This month’s takeaway: everyone brings different strengths and enthusiasm to the game of teaching. Everyone’s experience is constantly evolving.

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