Global Kids’ ‘Online Leadership Program’ Guides Students Through Creation of Social Change Games

This year, another one of Digital Ready’s exciting partnerships has been with Global Kids, Inc and their Global Kids Online Leadership program.

The Global Kids Online Leadership Program (OLP) ‘integrates international and public policy issues into digital media programs to encourage digital literacy and technical competency, foster global awareness, promote civic participation and develop 21st Century skills.’

Global Kids staff and game designers help students develop games that address global social issues. This year, students from three Digital Ready high schools – Satellite AcademyHudson High School for Learning Technologies, and Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School have made the most of the partnership. By attending weekly workshops, they’ve used game design vocabulary and concepts through programs such as Scratch and conducted research on topics of their choice.


Satellite HS student, Garai, and others, prep their presentation at the BrainPOP offices.

While assisting the creation of games focused on global social issues, staff at Global Kids have integrated STEM concepts learned in the classroom into the iterative design process! Students have also learned to work as part of a team, and facilitate their own workshops.

Learn more and see more photos of students in action from the original article posted earlier this year!

Global Kids, Inc. - the premier non-profit educational organization for global learning and youth development – works to ensure that urban youth have the knowledge, skills, experiences and values they need to succeed in school, participate effectively in the democratic process, and achieve leadership in their communities and on the global stage.

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