NYC Mastery Collaborative Launches at Tisch WNET Studio

image01Representatives from 30 schools gathered to launch the NYC Mastery Collaborative at Tisch WNET Studio, Lincoln Center on Wednesday, October 29.

The Mastery Collaborative is a working group created in response to requests for a community of support in developing and improving mastery-based learning systems in schools through collaboration and an exchange of resources. All member schools completed a ‘Mastery Inventory’ form, which outlined the current state of mastery work in their schools, and have access to the groups’ growing number of resources.

The featured guest at the launch event was Chris Sturgis, who runs the influential Competency Works blog, a clearinghouse for student-centered and mastery-based approaches across the US. There was high energy in the room as Chris described the momentum mastery is gaining. She reports that schools, districts, and some state education departments are shifting to mastery because it offers flexibility, personalization, and student ownership of learning.

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Chris mentioned various labels practitioners use to describe their work (mastery-based, competency-based, outcomes-based, etc.)–but stressed that the unifying ideology is more important than these labels. Then the group dove into deeper conversation about key elements of mastery approaches. Chris shared insights and observations from her “Magical Mastery Tour” of NYC schools, as well as visits to a wide variety of school districts around the country.

Collaborative members also gave feedback about planning and prioritizing topics for future sessions.

We are so excited to move forward with this work, and are inspired by the expertise and knowledge we have in the group.


Schools participating in the Mastery Collaborative Schools

Here is a list of the founding members of the Mastery Collaborative working group. Participating schools complete a ‘Mastery Inventory’ form, and agree to share resources such as frameworks, templates, and exemplar competency maps, rubrics, and assignments. Please contact us by e-mailing: if you or others at your school are interested in joining our working group!

Academy of Innovative Technology
Academy for Software Engineering
Bronx Academy for Software Engineering
Bronx Arena High School
Bronx Compass High School
Bronx International High School
Brooklyn International High School
Carroll Gardens School for Innovation
City-As School
Curtis High School
East Bronx Academy for the Future
EPIC High School North
EPIC High School South
Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School
Frederick Douglas Academy VII
Hillcrest High School
Hudson High School for Learning Technologies
The James Baldwin School
Laboratory School of Finance Technology
Manhattan International High School
Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice
New Design High School
New Directions Secondary School
North Queens Community High School
NYC Lab High School for Collaborative Studies
NYC Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies
Olympus Academy
Satellite Academy
The Facing History School
School of the Future
Urban Assembly Maker Academy
The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria
Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction