Our Schools

Cohort 2 Schools – 2014-2015

Bronx International High School, Bronx (414 students). Bronx International High School is a progressive, team-based and community-based school dedicated to serving the academic and social needs of recently immigrated young people and their families.

Carroll Gardens School for Innovation – MS 442, Brooklyn (200 students). Carroll Gardens School for Innovation is a unique school community committed to high expectations for the academic achievement, social development, and personal growth of each of our students.

Curtis High School, Staten Island, (2,600 students). Curtis High School is a comprehensive academic school, which consists of 10 small learning communities called houses.

The Lab School of Finance and Technology – MS/HS 223, Bronx (451 Students). The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology is an exciting and innovative student-centered learning community that provides a rigorous academic program in a supportive environment.

Manhattan International High School, Manhattan (331 students). The Manhattan International High School (MIHS) was founded as an alternative New York City public high school in 1993 with the mission of educating new immigrant English Language Learners (ELLs)

New Design High School, Manhattan (439 students). New Design High School (NDHS) is a small academic high school with a focus on design located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

North Queens Community High School, Queens (203 students). North Queens Community High School (NQCHS) is a small transfer school designed for young people who, after initial enrollment in 9th grade at a high school within the Queens community, have been truant or dropped out of school.

NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies, Manhattan (600 students). Inspired by the power of collaboration, the Lab School challenges students to soar intellectually and to act bravely in our complex world community.

NYC Lab Middle for Collaborative Studies, Manhattan, (573 students).  The Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies provides a welcoming, challenging and supportive environment for students as they begin their journey to become productive, questioning, reasoning citizens of the world.

Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction, Manhattan (427 students). Founded in 2004, The UA School of Design and Construction integrates architecture and engineering into its challenging curriculum through active partnerships with architecture and design professionals, cultural institutions and universities.


Cohort 1 Schools – 2013-2014

Academy for Innovative Technologies, Brooklyn (442 students). The Academy of Innovative Technology High School provides a foundation on which students can build their academic success and triumph over their challenges.

Bronx School for Software Engineering, Bronx (216 students). Bronx Academy for Software Engineering (BASE) is a career technical education high school that prepares students to work and play in the world of software design and programming.

Bronx Compass High School, Bronx (200 students). Bronx Compass is a community of creative learners engaged in the design, production, and exhibition of high-quality, meaningful work.

Brooklyn International High School, Brooklyn (350 Students). The mission of The Brooklyn International High School is to help English Language Learners develop their language, intellectual, cultural, and collaborative abilities so that they may become active participants in today’s interdependent world.

City-As School, Manhattan (600 students). City-As-School (CAS) emphasizes freedom, trust, and responsibility. It is a place where students learn by doing: in their internships, their class work, and on their own as they prepare portfolios for graduation.

Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School, Bronx (472 students). The fundamental aim of Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom is to teach students to use their minds well and prepare them to live productive, socially useful, and personally satisfying lives.

Fredrick Douglass Academy VII, Brooklyn (317 students). Frederick Douglass Academy VII (FDA VII) is built on Dr. Lorraine Monroe’s vision of academic and personal excellence for all students. The emphasis on college preparation is supported by cultural enrichment and a challenging academic program.

Hillcrest High School, Queens (2988 students). The instructional vision of Hillcrest is to provide all students with a coherent and rigorous academic environment in which students are challenged to think critically and demonstrate mastery to prepare for college, careers, and 21st century real-world problem solving.

Hudson High School for Learning Technologies, Manhattan, (460 students).  At Hudson we work as a team, alongside parents, students, and community members to make certain our students develop the academic skills required to be college ready, the technology skills to be prepared for the 21st century, and the personal attitudes that will enable them to act with integrity, increase their resiliency, and respect the world’s diversity.

Satellite Academy, Manhattan (250 students). Satellite Academy is dedicated to providing students who have opted out of larger, traditional high schools an opportunity to complete their education in a smaller, student-centered learning community.