Performance Assessment at Fannie Lou Featured on UFT Website

Current 9th and 10th grade classrooms at Fannie Lou were featured on the UFT website¬†in an article about unique schools using performance assessment methods entitled “Unbound from high-stakes tests: Performance Standards Consortium shows alternative to test-driven education”.¬†At Consortium schools, “Teachers can go more in depth, they say. Courses can be shaped around student and teacher interests, as at a college. And instead of facing a battery of Regents exams, students produce project-based assessments that can range from a 10-page literature paper to an in-depth science project. The assessments are judged by a panel of teachers and outside experts.” Read more about our extraordinary teachers, students, and classrooms¬†here.

Pat ArnowTenth-grader Alicia Whaley pencils in the drawing she will later paint on her urn.

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